Announcing the introduction of two new projects

Eternal projects is proud to add two new open source applications to our portfolio, KeyMastr and GateKeepr.

KeyMastr is one of our newest projects, it is a utility for generating and managing SSH keys across server infrastructures in an automated fashion.

KeyMastr is able to generate SSH keys both with and without passwords. Keymaster supports multiple access levels. Keymaster relies on the use of salt States to manage user accounts user groups home directories in the authorized keys file. There are command line utilities for adding or removing users changing their access level we’re granting them temporary access to servers they don’t normally have access to. Key master also has the option of running as a nightly cron to update all servers back to what their default access rules should be for users.

Key master has the ability to audit servers and ensure only the accounts they’re supposed to be on specific servers are on specific servers it does this by categorizing servers using salt grains. In the case of key master it relies on grains that are defined on the salt minions themselves vs grains that are defined in salt pillars.

Are the new project is called gatekeeper gatekeepers a utility for managing and auditing AWS EC 2 security groups. Gatekeeper uses a database to store rules and groups and on a regular basis will update AWS with those defined rules for each group any rules that exists on AWS that are not in the database will be automatically removed from those security groups.

Gatekeeper also has a command line utility for adding new permanent rules to any existing security groups as well as adding or removing security groups to any given region.

Gatekeeper also use of salt stains on the back end as a template for its security group definitions. At this time gatekeeper is still in alpha release status. A stable release of gatekeeper is expected by the end of the year.