Redis Sniffer

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Redis Sniffer is a TCP packet sniffer that filters and logs redis events coming across a specific interface and port.

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Redis Sniffer binds to a specific port and network interface.  It analyzes all traffic coming over the port and interface and has the ability to log various portions of the packets, depending on configuration.

While ultimately this data is logged in a way to be used by Redis Replay for load and capacity testing, it is also a great way to capture data to analyze, since the raw tcp packet can be captured and logged if desired.

Redis server allows for Lua scripts to be run on the server.  Currently, Redis Sniffer will not treat lua events as redis events.  Lua event capture and logging is currently slated to be supported in Redis Sniffer 1.3.


Redis Sniffer is an Open Source application and is released under the MIT License.


The easiest and recommended method of installing Redis Sniffer is to add our apt/yum repo and install.

Current Stable Version: 1.1.0

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Our source code is available at Github:

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