Welcome to Eternal Projects

Eternal Projects is the entity name under which Jesse P Lesperance develops his software, and is a division of JPL Consulting, LLC.  The primary focus of Eternal Projects is to create high quality Open Source applications.  These applications range from web applications to utility apps to application frameworks to cybersecurity tools.


09/02/2015 – Eternal Projects is proud to announce the addition to two additional Open Source Software projects are being added to the current portfolio, KeyMastr and GateKeepr.  KeyMastr is a utility for generating and managing user ssh keys on aws servers and GateKeepr is a utility for managing and auditing Amazon AWS Securtity Groups.

Featured Project

The currently featured project is Redis Sniffer. Redis Sniffer is part of the Redis Hound toolset. Redis Sniffer runs on a Redis server and watches the ethernet traffic coming over the redis port and filters out redis commands and logs them to a set of files. The commands and the filename are all configurable, as is the level of logging that can be performed.
This can be very useful for troubleshooting, but is more meant to be used with Redis Replay, a utility for replaying redis events and performing load testing on the redis server.

Overview of Projects

Below is a list of projects, their status and a brief description of the project.  You can visit the project’s page for additional information like roadmaps, issues, downloads, documentation, etc.

Redis Replay – Development
A utility that replays redis commands and events to a redis server. It allows for customization of the number of requests per second to send to allow for load and capacity testing. This can also be used, though not ideal for, as a method of replaying events that might have been sent to the redis server while in an offline state.

Redis Sniffer – Stable – v1.1.0 released on Mar 2, 2015
A utility that allows capturing of redis events and command being sent across a specified interface and port. This is useful for debugging data issues or for creating data sets for load/capacity testing. The logging is compeletly customizable and can log both ingress and egress traffic if so desired.

EternalMVCStable/Archived – v1.2 released on Mar 8, 2013
A light-weight application framework written in PHP. EternalMVC is a lighweight MVC framework written in PHP 5.3. This project is no longer being actively developed though all previous releases are still available for download.

Battering Ram – Development
A set of offensive security tools written in python and go. These tools range from port scanners to brute force password crackers.

GateKeepr – Development – v1.0.0rc1 expected Sept 31, 2015
This is a utility to handle auditing and maintaining AWS security groups and their related rules. GateKeepr uses SaltStack on the back-end for the actual communication and setting the security groups rules, wrapped in python to allow a cli to make new groups or modify rules in existing groups. GateKeepr also has the ability to audit the security groups and/or synchronize the rules based on the database maintained by GateKeepr.

KeyMastr – Development – v1.0.0rc1 expected Sept 31, 2015
This is a utility for managing user keys on AWS servers. KeyMastr is written in Python and uses SaltStack for account creation/deletion. KeyMastr allows you to add an authorized user to the system and will create their ssh key pair.

eZuul – Development
This is a centralized config management system for applications. eZuul allows for application configs to be created and they can be locked to application versions and/or enviroments(prod, stage, dev, qa).